New map of the campsite

To be successful is to choose a pleasant region to discover, corresponding to your expectations, and to be housed in an environment where it is easy to relax.

Camping is generally a good compromise to enjoy your stay, and what’s more pleasant than to locate its location, swimming pools or related services by consulting the map of the selected campsite.

The Dordogne: a region for the whole family

If you do not know the Dordogne, you will be surprised to see the amount of different and varied visits, aimed at families with young children, teenagers, friends, retirees …

The valley Vézère, among others and located in Dordogne, offers a panel of sites whose main theme is prehistory, mainly the Lascaux caves, the most famous in the area.

Located between Montignac (Lascaux) and Les Eyzies, the valley of the Vézère is crossed by the river “La Vézère” on which it is very easy to circulate in canoe, to bathe there or to picnic along the banks.

To learn to know the environment of this valley it is therefore essential to choose the right campsite.


The plan of the campsite: ideal to find one’s way and to succeed one’s holidays

Our 4-star campsite is ideally located in the heart of the Vézère valley and the Dordogne, and near the Lascaux caves.

On our website, we offer an overview of our establishment and the environment thanks to our location plan.

On this level you can see that the services are mainly grouped around the reception. You will find among others, the restaurant, the grocery store, the television room, the games of bar and the toilets.

At the extreme right of the plan are the aquatic area consisting of a main pool heated and covered or discovered according to the weather and a paddling pool, and the playground.

Around these different services are each numbered location or rental.

It should be noted that on the plan, it is very easy to differentiate mobile homes tents lodges for rent or locations.

Consult the map of the fage campsite in vézère valley.

lay areas / relaxation, health … while enjoying the quiet and family friendly site!