Lascaux IV, near the camping “La Fage”, is soon coming!

The origin of the Lascaux caves

The Lascaux cave was discovered in 1940 by 4 teenagers capita Perigord Montignac, a village in the Black Perigord near the Vézère Valley, the birthplace of the man of Cro-Magnon.

After the war, it was opened to the public for many years until its closure in 1963.

The interruption of the visits is due to deterioration of the frescoes, produced by the carbon dioxide from the breath of many visitors.
New Lascaux caves, Lascaux IV, soon to open!

The International Centre for Art parietal (or Lascaux 4) is located at the foot of the hill of Montignac, 8km Camping La Fage, in the heart of Black Périgord.

You want to discover the origin of the cave, why several caves were reproduced, what is the project Lascaux IV?

Camping La Fage invites you to follow the progress of work of the future Lascaux 4 and view a virtual tour of the future site, very complete and whose opening is initially scheduled for December 2016.

The entire cave of Lascaux constitute the backbone of the International Centre of Art parietal in Montignac. The future equipment will focus on the complete reproduction of the Lascaux caves and the use of new imaging technologies and virtual service of mediation.

The International Centre of Art parietal Montignac-Lascaux is the tourist and cultural equipment of reference for the development and extension of wall art from the painted and engraved representations located in the Lascaux cave.

Inside the facsimile, the atmosphere is that of a real cave. It is damp and dark, the sounds are muffled. The idea is that visitors enjoy the splendor of the works inside the cave, in an authentic atmosphere, with minimal interruptions. This area is mainly devoted to contemplation.

Visitors enter the cave in groups of about 30 people and, in high season, accompanied by a guide. However, they will live inside the cave, as a personal experience as possible, contemplating the artworks without being interrupted too, the guide giving information to enrich their experience.

In times of low season it is possible to use the torch as a guide. It accompanies the visitor in the facsimile, by issuing, in his language, a minimum of information. Inside the cave, some important issues will be a scheduled stop because they represent the best of Lascaux.

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