Think of the Facebook page of our campsite in the Dordogne!

  • Facebook page of our campsite in the Dordogne Facebook page of our campsite in the Dordogne

The purpose of social networks is to inform users of the news or possible innovations of an institution.

Our campsite has its Facebook page.

The advantages of consulting the facebook page of our camping dordogne

It is not always clear whether the choice of your next stay is the right one.

The pictures of the sites are not always very “talking”, it often lacks information.

Our family campsite, 4 stars, offers to visit its facebook page.

You will find regularly new information about the campsite.

All the news, the news, the events are published.

The team of the campsite regularly renews the photos of the establishment, the sites, the rental and publishes them in order to make you discover the site as it really is.

Your sharing helps us to know our 4 star campsite

Thanks to your participation and your sharing of our articles, you help us to make ourselves known.

Do not hesitate to talk about the campsite and our page around you and share our publications!

We also count on you to help us “make it live”, for that you just “like” our page and make it “like” to your friends, your family …!

Thanks to all and very soon on Facebook!