Castle Commarque near Sarlat and camping

  • chateau de commarque situé a marquay proche du camping chateau de commarque situé a marquay proche du camping
  • ruine chateau pres camping 4 etoiles proche sarlat ruine chateau pres camping 4 etoiles proche sarlat
  • chateau commarque proche de notre camping familial avec piscine chateau commarque proche de notre camping familial avec piscine

Only a few kilometers from our campsite, the castle of Commarque is built between the valley of the Vézère and the valley of the Dordogne.

It is located in a wooded environment, and dominates its surroundings near Sarlat la Canéda.

This edifice is the typical example of the occupation of the valley by man since prehistory.

It is indeed built on a cave containing many traces of occupation during prehistory. Around it there are several troglodytic habitats used throughout the Middle Ages, only in a first time then with the castle.

This visit is a journey through the ages of prehistory until the 18th century!

The origin of the castle of Commarque

It is located on a rocky outcrop at the bottom of the valley of the Beune.

This privileged place has been occupied by man for millennia and especially the cave located at the bottom of this spur.

This cave contains thirty engravings including 9 representatives of equines and 11 anthropomorphic figures, as well as a spectacular bas-relief depicting an extended pregnant woman.

The building on top of this spur is a “medieval Castrum” gathering around the castle a chapel as well as noble houses.

Its origin goes back to the 12th century, it was built by the abbots of Sarlat to counter the powerful barons of Beynac, who became their masters a few centuries later.

Its role was to ensure the safety of the valley where the commercial routes crossed to Périgueux, Cahors, Brive la Gaillarde and Bergerac.

Over the centuries the stone replaces the wood, the keep, the fortified enclosure, the seigniorial dwelling appear.

The cliff on which is built Commarque is dug many natural caves, some of which are called Cluzeaux are integrated in the defensive system of the castle

The castle plays a major role during the one hundred year war and the wars of religions.

The last squire, Guy de Beynac died there in 1656.

It was abandoned in the 18th century.

In 1962, Hubert de Commarque undertook the rescue of the Castle now covered with vegetation.

In 1972, he redeemed this family cradle and obstinately carried out work of consolidation and restoration with the help of the Administration of Historic Monuments.

It saves much of the walls in elevation which was in great danger of collapse.

Visit the Castle of Commarque

A few minutes from our campsite discover this major element of the Dordogne heritage.

Through the ruins of the castle of Commarque, cross the different epochs of our history.

Enter the world of châtelain, and travel 15,000 years of history for all ages.

The site is built in a preserved environment of the valley of the Beune, in valley Vézère and near Sarlat the Caneda.

Its Donjon as well as the ruins of the houses located around it, overlooks a magnificent panorama.

At the same time, he conducts a program of archaeological excavations.

The visit is presented in three stages:
– the Prehistoric Cave of Commarque through a photo exhibition (with the support of the National Museum of Prehistory and the International Pole of Prehistory) and a video film projected in the main room of the donjon.
– developed troglodytic habitats
– the medieval castrum and the Romanesque keep which dominates the valley of the Beune.

Visit the Chateau de Commarque, half way between our 4 star campsite and Sarlat la Canéda:

During your visit, the site offers many services, including free wifi, picnic tables …

Dogs are allowed.

If you come in a group, there are special rates.

Many family events are offered during the summer.


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